How do the account limits work?

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There are security measures in place to ensure your funds remain safe when you deposit and withdraw funds from your Bitso account. One of these measures is a monthly limit for these transactions. Whenever you reach this limit, regardless of the time of the month, you will need to increase it in order to keep depositing and withdrawing. If you don't, you'll need to wait until the start of the new month to make deposits or withdraw your funds from your account. 

Keep in mind that even if you reach your limit for deposits and withdrawals, this doesn't mean that the funds in your account are blocked: you can keep on buying and selling crypto and exploring other possibilities we offer. 


How do I increase my account limits? 

In your Bitso app home screen, go to the Profile section in the upper left corner of the screen and tap on Account >> Account Limits. In this screen, you'll find your current limits for fiat and crypto withdrawals and deposits. If you wish to increase them, we'll request some important information from you to confirm your identity and ensure that your transactions are only made by you moving forward. 

Some of the documents we ask for are proof of residence, proof of income, and additional account information. After you send the documents, we'll verify if everything is fine and will let you know via email if your request for a limit increase was validated.


What documents can I send? 

The documents we consider as valid proof of residence are bills (water, electricity, gas) -which may be under your name or a family member's, in case you live with one- or bank documents under your name, such as pay slips and bank extracts.

If you don't own any of these documents, you may contact us to explain what types of documents you have available and we'll find the best way to assist you.


What if I need more limits?

Your next available limits are set by us. However, you can request a limit upgrade, and we'll ask for some documents to make sure no one else is making this request on your behalf.

If you happen to face any kind of issue when trying to increase your limits, contact our Customer Support team via chat.

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