FAQ: Transaction report

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We now have a new available feature for you: transaction reports. You can request your annual transaction report in the app or web, we’ll generate it and send them via email. How to request a transaction report?


What is a transaction report?

A transaction report is a document that has the objective of reporting all of your transactions and holdings that you have in your Bitso account.


How can I request it?

You can request it in your mobile app or on the web. Check how to do it.


What information does the transaction report include?

The transaction report generated by Bitso includes information about your balance, trades and conversions, and deposits and withdrawals. 


How is this information useful?

You can use the information in the report to comply with your fiscal annual obligations.


How do I read the report?

The report is divided into 3 sections. First, you’ll see your annual balance, then the trades and conversions, and, finally, the deposits and withdrawals. Each of the transactions mention dates, amounts, and fees.

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