I can't increase my account limits

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A few factors may keep you from completing the process of leveling up your Bitso account and, in this article, we will explain a little more about the most common cases.


Your documents are not validated

If you received a message from us informing you that we are working on validating your documents but this validation has not been completed, certain errors may have prevented our system from validating your account:


  • The ID you sent us may be expired: for regulatory reasons, we can only validate documents within their validity;

  • Pictures with poor quality: if your document details are not legible, and the photo is not clear, our system may have some difficulty validating it;

  • The proof of address you sent us is not valid: if the document you sent us as proof of address is not valid, is older than three months or proves a different address than the one registered in the account, it will not be possible to validate it. We explain which documents are valid IN THIS ARTICLE;

  • The proof of income you sent us is not valid: likewise, if the document you sent us as proof of income is not valid or proves insufficient income, it will also not be possible to validate it. We also explain about proof of income IN THIS ARTICLE.

My ID is not being validated

Duplicate Account: At Bitso, only one active account is allowed per customer. This means that if you have an account open and already linked to your ID, you will not be able to validate it in a new account. If you suspect this is the case, or if you don't remember a possible second account, please contact us so we can help you.


My account is suspended

If your account was suspended shortly after filling in your data, at the time of its creation, it is most likely that you have selected the PEP option by accident.

If, at the time of registration, you accidentally inform us that you are a Politically Exposed Person (PEP), your account will be suspended and, in order for this suspension to be reviewed, you will need to contact our support.


If any of these problems are happening to you, contact our Support via live chat or by creating a ticket.

If you happen to face any kind of issue when trying to increase your limits, contact our Support team via chat or by creating a new ticket


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