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Nvio Pagos Mexico, our payment processor and virtual wallet for Mexican pesos, is now directly connected to the Interbank Electronic Payments System (SPEI). As a result of this new integration, on September 26th, 2022, we began with the migration of CLABEs from STP to Nvio Pagos Mexico, which has already concluded. During this period, you were assigned a new CLABE that is linked to your Bitso account.

Therefore, as of April 11, 2023, our integration with STP will no longer be available, so you must change the CLABE registered in your electronic banking to be able to continue depositing via SPEI in your Bitso account. If you are already using your Nvio CLABE, there's no need for further changes.

Don't worry, the deposit process will remain the same. These changes will allow us to offer you a better service.


What is the relationship between STP and Bitso?

STP is a Mexican financial entity that has supported us as a payment-via-SPEI processor during these years, but as of April 2023, it will cease to do so.


What is Nvio Pagos Mexico?

Nvio Pagos Mexico (Electronic Payment Institution) is a financial institution authorized by the Mexican financial authorities as an Electronic Payment Funds Institution, in accordance with Authorization number P022/2020, published in the official gazette on January 22, 2020. You can find more information here.


What is SPEI?

SPEI is an electronic funds transfer system owned and operated by Banco de México. This system was developed to facilitate payments between financial institutions and allows them to offer secure and efficient payment services to the public. SPEI users can transfer Mexican pesos on their own behalf or on behalf of their customers in real-time. You can find more information here.


What is the CLABE?

CLABE stands for Clave Básica Estandarizada. A CLABE is a unique 18-digit identifier that contains the details of the customer's individual account number and the financial institution to which it belongs. Your CLABE allows transfers to be made between different financial institutions quickly and securely. It is unique, non-transferable, and linked to your Bitso account through your Nvio Pagos Mexico account.


When will my old CLABE stop working?

Your previous CLABE, linked to STP, will stop working on April 2023, so if you have not incorporated the new Nvio CLABE, you should do so before that date. As of then, any deposit transaction in said account will be rejected.


What is the difference between my old CLABE and the new one?

Identifying your new CLABE from your old one is very simple:

  • Your previous CLABE (STP) starts with the number 646.
  • Your new CLABE (NVIO) starts with the number 710.


What happens if I send funds to my old CLABE by mistake?

If you mistakenly send funds to your Bitso account when the connection to STP is no longer active, your transfer order will be rejected, and your money should be returned to the sending account, that is to say, to the one you sent the money from. If this is not the case, we suggest you review it with the institution from which you sent the funds. Besides, we can support you, remember that we offer 24/7 chat support in our Help Center: click here.


I don't see my NVIO CLABE that starts with the number 710.

If you don't see your NVIO CLABE starting with 710 within the app or web, don't worry, you can contact us through our support team so you can access it. Click here.


Where can I find my new CLABE?

Just follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Bitso account (web or app)
  2. Go to your wallet
  3. Select "Mexican pesos".
  4. Select the "Deposit" option and click on "SPEI Transfer".
  5. Copy your new CLABE and register it as your new BItso account in your bank.


How do I log in to my Nvio account?

You can access your Nvio Pagos México account by entering the following address:

Once you are on the home page, follow these steps:

  1. Look for the "Login" button at the top right corner.
  2. Enter your email address and the password you use to log in to your Bitso account.
  3. Check that the information on the screen is correct, and enter your password.
  4. That's it! Now you can check all the information related to your Mexican pesos wallet.

If you have any questions, remember that we offer 24/7 chat support in our Help Center: click here.

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