How do I activate 2FA in my Bitso account?

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Before we start

The 2FA security (for its acronym that refers to Two-Factor Authentication) is a complementary method to your password to validate your identity.

Having a 2FA adds an extra validation layer, keeping your account safe from account or funds theft.


How to enable 2FA in your account?

You can enable 2FA exclusively on the web version.

Step 1. Once you log in, go to the Profile section and then select "Security" on the side menu. Then, click on the submenu that now appears, and select "Account security".

Step 2. You'll find some information about your account, and in the 2FA token section, click on Enable. Once you find the banner that starts the process, tap on Continue.

Step 3. Then, you need to download a 2FA app that will generate the codes to make your account safer. You can try Authy, Google Authenticator or any 2FA app of your choice. Once you download it, click on “I already have the app”.


Step 4. There are two ways of setting your 2FA app to show the security code for your Bitso account: you can scan a QR Code or copy and paste the code we show into your 2FA app. After you do this, you can name the section that will provide the security code with "Bitso" or any other name of your choice.

Step 5. Once you scan the QR code or fill in the code manually, your 2FA app will show a 6-digit code for you to enter in your Bitso account.  After adding this code, the 2FA will be active in your account. From this moment on, we'll request the code every time you open your Bitso account, whether you're using the app or the web version.

Important: after this process, you’ll find an emergency restore code. We recommend that you save it in a safe place and that you will remember, since this will be helpful to access your account if you happen to lose access to the device with the 2FA app. If you lose access to your 2FA device and lose the emergency code, get in touch with the Customer Support team here.


If you have any questions, please chat with us. 

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