FAQ: Cardano (ADA)

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What network should I use to deposit Cardano ADA on Bitso?

You should only use the Cardano network, as sending ADA through another network may cause the loss of your funds.


How can I find the address to deposit Cardano ADA?

On Bitso website, select Wallet and search for the word "ADA"




Then, click Deposit and select the Cardano Network to find the deposit address.



Can I use the Cardano ADA network to send Bitso balance to another wallet?

Yes, you can use the Cardano Network to make withdrawals.


How can I identify which network I sent Cardano ADA through?

You can use the following search engines to identify the network you used to send ADA:




To search, you need to use the Hash or Transaction ID: they are an identification code for cryptocurrency transactions made up of a combination of numbers and letters.

Hash or ID example: 48fd533ba8d6036b20ca12bd1421b9304eecd00f3aj4aca6cd7fe8a9845ec53d

If the transfer appears in these search engines, it means that you used the Cardano Network.


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