How to buy or sell (convert) crypto through the Bitso app

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Before you start

Make sure your Bitso profile is correctly registered. This information it can be found in this link.


Make a peposit to your Bitso account. After logging in to your account, in order for you to buy cryptocurrencies, you must have funds in your wallet. If you need help, we have this tutorial to help you with your deposits.


How to convert

Step 1. Login to your Bitso account through the app;


Step 2. Click on Buy/Sell;


Step 3. Select the currency and value that will be used for the purchase (first currency), and the currency that will be purchased (second currency);

  • You can click on MAX to use all or your available balance for the purchase coin;
  • You can exchange between the two coins (the buying one and the selling one) by clicking on the arrows between them.


Step 4. Review all the information carefully and make sure you agree with all the information. If so, just click on Confirm;

Step 5. That's it! Your conversion has been concluded successfully and you will be able to see your updated balance in your wallet.

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