How do I change my email?

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If you need to update the email address you use at Bitso, log in to your account from your desktop computer and follow these steps:

Step 1. In the upper right margin of the screen, enter the "Profile" option in your Bitso account.

Step 2. On the left margin, enter the menu "Security" > "Account security". 

Among the options that appear, click the "Change" button located under the "Email" heading.

Step 3: You have to confirm your identity using the method of your choice:

Important: If you pick the WhatsApp method, the only message you're going to receive is the 6-digit code. Bitso doesn't offer financial advice via messaging apps, and no one from Bitso will contact you requesting this code. 

If you receive any message on WhatsApp, Instagram, email, or another channel that looks suspicious, please report it to our Customer Support team.

If you do have your 2FA activated and want to use it, type the 6-digit code available on your 2FA device to proceed: 

If you don't use the same 2FA device now that you've decided to change your email, contact us via Customer Support.

Step 4: Enter the new email you want to use, your password, and your transaction PIN.

Step 5. Confirm the changes by selecting the "Change" option.

If everything went well, you will receive a notification. This means that you were able to change your email successfully.

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