How can I buy and sell crypto through my Bitso App?

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Conversions are the easiest and most transparent way to buy cryptocurrencies, through the Bitso app or the web. They show exactly how much you will receive and how much you will pay.


How can I buy/sell crypto fast in Bitso?

There are several ways to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Most of them involve paying a percentage commission, dealing with a last-minute price change, or waiting an indeterminate amount of time before your order is completed.

With conversions, you can see the exact rate of your trade with no additional fees or unexpected changes in the final price. 

The quote we show you is valid for 20 seconds, and you decide whether to accept the order at that price. The quote is automatically renewed after 20 seconds or when you change the amount you wish to buy or sell.


Why is the buy/sell exchange rate different from the market price?

We include the cost of converting your funds in the price we quote you so that the exchange rate may differ from the latest currency price. This protects you from sudden price increases, as we will honor the quote for 20 seconds. 

With buy/sell, you do not pay any additional fees. What you see is what we give you.


How do I use buy/sell?

Simply choose "Buy/Sell" in your Bitso account:



Or select a currency on our website and click "Buy/Sell":



You can find the details of your transaction, including the fee that was agreed upon, in your history under the buy/sell tab.

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