Change in the address: Why are the deposit addresses changing in Bitso?

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  • EVM address
  • Address migration

Due to the large number of different tokens listed at Bitso, previously it was required to have multiple addresses for each of those tokens. But as we aim to provide the best experience to you, we are migrating addresses from ETH, ERC20s tokens and EVM-compatible blockchains to one single deposit address.

This process intends to simplify the use of Ethereum-based tokens, and to make it easier to perform transactions, and even safer for you to receive tokens from other wallets.


Will I get impacted with the migration?

You will only be impacted if you hold any balance with ETH and or ERC20 tokens before February 20th 2023. If you don't, or receive such tokens after this date, you'll already be using the unified crypto address.


Are my funds at risk?

Not at all. The funds under Bitso’s custody won't be impacted, either during, or after the migration. We’ve put in place the highest security measures to avoid any inconvenience.

To learn more about the address migration, read:

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