What are the rewards given by the Referral Program?

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The reward given, both to referrers and referees, is a fixed amount paid once the referred person buys any cryptocurrency listed at Bitso at the minimum amount required. Then, the reward is calculated in your local currency and paid in Bitcoin (BTC) directly in your Bitso account.

Below, you can check the relation between minimum amount and reward paid in each country that we operate:

For users based on Mexico

  • Buy a minimum of 1,200 MXN to earn the reward of 120 MXN.

For users based on Brazil

  • Buy a minimum of 300 BRL to earn the reward of 30 BRL.

For users based on Argentina

  • Buy a minimum of 8000 ARS to earn the reward of 800 ARS.

For users based on Colombia

  • Buy a minimum of 250,000 COP to earn the reward of 25,000 COP.

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