Can I make QR payments?

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Yes, you can! Bitso now has a new way to pay with your Bitso app. All you need to do is scan a QR code from any store or service and choose which currency you want to pay with.

This is only available in Argentina, so it won't work in other countries.

If you're Argentinian, you can choose Argentinian Pesos, Bitcoin, Digital Dollars, Ether, or DAI.

You can use QR payments if you're traveling to Argentina, but you can only pay with Bitcoin, Digital Dollars, Ether, or DAI. Remember that if you're not Argentinian, you won't be able to use Argentinian pesos.

Check How to use Bitso for payments to learn more.

Also, check this article from Banco Central de Argentina to learn more about QR codes: Transferencias 3.0: un sistema de pagos más inclusivo

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