How to send funds via Bitso Transfer from Bitso Alpha

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Before You Start

Bitso Transfer is an instant, commission-free way to send to and receive from any email address, phone number and QR code that are linked to a Bitso account. There is no need to go through the Blockchain or any third party and, in this article, we share the steps to do it.


How to send a Bitso Transfer?

Step 1. Log in to your Bitso Alpha account and, in the bottom menu, select the currency you want to send. Then select the “Send” option to display the options and choose “Bitso Transfer”.

Step 2. Select the “Email address” or “Phone number” option, depending on the method you want to use to send your funds. It is very important that the email address or telephone number you use is the one registered in the Bitso account of the recipient.


Step 3. Fill out the form and add a message (optional).


Step 4. Click “Continue”.


Step 5. That's it! Your Bitso Transfer will be sent immediately, and you will receive an email with the transaction details.



It is possible to make a Bitso Transfer to someone who does not yet have a Bitso account. In this case, the person will receive a text message or email with a link to register and open an account. The funds will then be credited to your profile once this is done, and the maximum time to claim your Bitso Transfer is 72 hours - otherwise the amount will be returned to the sending account.

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