Buy and sell crypto through Bitso Alpha

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To learn more about how orders are executed on Bitso Alpha, click here.


Before you start

  • Make sure your Bitso profile is registered correctly.
  • Deposit into your Bitso account: Remember that once you log into your Bitso account, it must have funds so you can purchase cryptocurrencies. If you want more information, just consult this article: How to deposit.


Buy or sell crypto on Bitso Alpha

Step 1. Log in to Bitso Alpha;

Step 2. On the platform, you can select the market, enter your buy or sell orders and check your balance;

Step 3. Before starting your purchase or sale, it is important that you select the correct market;

Step 4. Once the market has been selected, go to the Buy or Sell section and select the “Order Type” and the action you will use;

Step 5. Enter the amount to buy or the total amount to convert from the currency with which you will make the purchase or sale;

Step 6. Click the Buy or Sell button to confirm and finalize the transaction.

Step 7. Depending on the type of order you placed, you will be able to monitor its status in the top left part of your screen.



When the order is executed you can review the movement at the following link: 

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