Why are the prices in Colombian pesos being rounded up and down?

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The tick size is the minimum price movement, upwards or downwards, for trading on a market. 

If an input price is not a multiple of the tick size for each pair, your order won't be rejected. In that case, if it's a sell order, we'll round the price up to the next applicable multiple or tick size. For buy orders, the price will be rounded down to the next applicable multiple or tick size. 

For example:

If you place a sell order with an input price of 24,515,000 in BTC/COP, a book in which the tick size is 10,000, the price will be rounded up to 24,520,000 COP. If you were placing a buy order, the price would be rounded down to 24,510,000 COP. 

The rounding will happen whether you're using mobile or web devices, and may apply to other pairs whose tick size is different to any decimal point or 1, as the following ones

  • BTC/COP: 10,000
  • ETH/COP: 1,000

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