Is there anything else I need to know?

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Yes, here are three more details you should know:


You can earn yields on your crypto assets deposited in Bitso through Earnings. Check the list of assets available for yield earning here:

You can sit back and watch while your crypto assets grow automatically over time.


Bitso sources yield from specialized third parties known as yield providers.


If you are enrolled in Earnings you earn yields by providing your supported crypto assets (through Bitso) to yield providers that Bitso has partnered with.

These yield providers include CeFi platforms (corporations) as well as Defi protocols (smart contracts) that have different strategies to generate yields for the crypto assets deployed with them. Bitso partners with yield providers that can provide strong risk-adjusted yields in a sustainable way.

But due to current market conditions, we're withdrawing all funds that were allocated with third parties. As a result, Digital Dollars balance will keep generating yields, now at a 2% annualized rate. These yields will be financially supported by Bitso. BTC and ETH balances enrolled in Earnings will stop providing yields until further notice.

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