Which is the minimum amount with which I can generate yields?

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There’s no minimum amount needed to start accumulating yields. However, if your balance is too low, it may take a few weeks for you to accumulate enough to receive a deposit with your yields.

At the moment, in order to receive your deposit, you need to accumulate at least:

  • 0.01 USD
  • 10 Gwei (0.000000001 ETH)
  • 1 satoshi (0.000000001 BTC)

However, due to market conditions, only USD stablecoins (Digital dollars) are generating yields for the time being. If you are enrolled to Bitso+, you will stop receiving yields in ETH and BTC from Nov 21, 2022 onwards until further notice. You will continue receiving your yields in Digital dollars (USD stablecoins) every Monday at a 2% annual rate.

To learn more about the current Bitso+ rates conditions, read: 

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