Which coins are eligible for Earnings?

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As you may see, we're listing more and more coins to Earnings over time. So you can expect new crypto to be available soon. But for the time being, you can earn yields with:

  • Digital Dollars
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ether (ETH)

However, due to market conditions, only Digital Dollars are generating yields for the time being. If you are enrolled to Earnings you will stop receiving yields in ETH and BTC from Nov 21, 2022until further notice. You will continue to receive your yields in Digital Dollars every Monday at a 2% annual rate.

To learn more about the current Earnings rates conditions, read: 

IMPORTANT: All coins that make up Bitso’s Digital Dollars are supported only by the Ethereum Network (ERC-20). If you send any of the aforementioned tokens over another network, you may lose funds. To learn more about using the correct network for transactions, read this article:

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