Why are the rates in Bitso+ changing?

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Reviewing yields is part of Bitso's strategy and philosophy to provide our customers with the best experience and benefits from the crypto market, without putting at stake their security. As part of this strategy, we continuously update our products and services to meet the market conditions and still offer the best solutions without jeopardizing our customer's funds.

Thus, the yield rates of Bitso+ are a dynamic factor that are subjected to new alterations as the markets move and the conditions change. 

However, regardless of the rate, you can continue to generate yields weekly by keeping Bitso+ activated in your account.

To learn more about how to activate and use Bitso+, we recommend reading this article:


The new rates are valid from August 8th 2022 and on. Bitso+ rates for USD stablecoins will be updated on September 19th 2022. To learn more about the new rates, read this article:

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