Earnings: what is it? How does it work?

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Earnings is a program in Bitso through which you can earn yields from holding Digital Dollars crypto in your Bitso wallet.

With any balance in Digital Dollars, Earnings will generate daily yields, which will be deposited in your account every Monday at a 2% annual rate. And the best part is that your balance will always be available to withdraw or convert.

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By enrolling in this program, you immediately start generating yields and increasing your portfolio with the crypto assets that you already trust and own.

Yields get paid weekly to your Bitso wallet, so you can check the app every week to see the rate and how your portfolio is growing!

Earnings is the solution to offer crypto-powered yields. Crypto-yield generation is one of Bitso’s products that can help grow users’ crypto asset portfolios for those who decide to hold their crypto assets in Bitso’s exchange. Yield is sourced from third parties that themselves engage in different yield-generating activities.

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