What happened with Bitso Shift?

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What was Bitso Shift?

Bitso Shift was the previous name of the US domestic wire solution. To access it, you would need to go to another website, that was outside Bitso.com. Now, we have migrated the Bitso Shift to be part of our core, so you don't need anymore to change websites to perform USD wires.


Bitso Shift has moved to Bitso.com

From Jul 20th 2022 on, the Bitso Shift page will be shut down, but all features will still be active at Bitso.com. You'll still be able to deposit and send USD from your wallet to US-based accounts, convert MXN to USD, but with the bonus that now you can also activate Bitso+ to earn yields on top of your USD, and buy more than 35+ cryptocurrencies, all from the same place.


What happens with my Bitso Shift account?

If you used to have only a Bitso Shift account, don't worry. You can login with the same email and password, and your previous authorized accounts and funds were migrated to Bitso.com too. There is no need to create a new account, or to authorize again the bank accounts.

And if you want to learn more about the new interface for US Domestic Wires, take a look at this page: US Domestic Wires.

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