How to send USD via US Domestic Wire

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US domestic wire transfer is one of the fastest ways to send and receive money from a banking account to another. Traditionally, a domestic wire transfer means sending money from banks inside the same country, but with Bitso, you can send and receive USD from a US-based bank account directly in your Bitso account. It can be from your own US account or from another person.

With US domestic wires, your money can go across borders with zero-fee to deposit and a fixed fee of 12 USD when sending a wire.

  • You can send USD to your own US account or to another person's US account. This means own accounts and third party transactions are completely available.
  • Most US banks charge between 20 and 30 USD to send a US domestic wire from one bank to another. The fee in Bitso is fixed and it’s only 12 USD per US wire. However, some recipient banks may charge to receive wires.
  • Bank processing time takes an average of 6 business hours, depending on countries, holidays and other special situations. In moments when the network is too overloaded, US domestic wires can take up to 48 business hours.
  • You must register the account to which you want to send wires. The process of registration works as adding a new recipient to your contact's book. This process is important for Circle's group to recognize the account on the other end of the wire so to process the transfer safely and with lower-fees.


How to send wire transfers?

1. Select “Send”.




2. Choose “US Domestic Wire”.




3. Register the account from which you want to receive wires. Fill in all the information and select “Register”. If you already registered the account, you will see a list of the registered accounts.






4. Make sure all the recipient’s information is correct, enter the amount to send, and select “Confirm”.





5. Your US wire was sent! 



Circle Financial Ltd will take up to 48 business hours to process the outgoing wire. It may take longer on holidays and weekends. Once Circle Financial Ltd processes it, the recipient bank may take some more time to direct it to the receiver’s account.

Once the US wire is sent, you will receive emails with the detailed status of the wire.


Wire status

  • Generated: The US wire was generated correctly.
  • Processing: The US wire has already been sent and the recipient bank may take up to 48 business hours to confirm it.
  • Failed: There was an error while sending the wire transfer. Contact Help Center to solve it.
  • Returned: The US wire was returned to your account.
  • Sent: The US wire was successfully sent. However, the recipient bank may take some more time to credit it.

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