List of non-supported banks for US Domestic Wires

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US domestic wire transfer is one of the fastest ways to send and receive money from a banking account to another. Traditionally, a domestic wire transfer means sending money from banks inside the same country, but with Bitso, you can send and receive USD from a US-based bank account directly in your Bitso account. It can be from your own US account or from another person.

However, some banks can’t support US Domestic Wires from Bitso yet. The banks listed below are non-supported because of a mismatch in the details of the wire. Whether because they miss some fields, whether because they request extra fields that we don't, this incompatibility of information makes the wire unavailable for them. Review the list below and make sure to avoid the following entities when making a transaction through US Domestic Wires:

  • Paypal
  • Payoneer
  • PrimeTrust 
  • Revolut
  • Synapse Financial
  • Mercury
  • Stride Bank
  • Evolve

In case the wire is rejected and/or incomplete, a fee will be charged to the deposit amount. You can learn more about Unsupported Bank Accounts from our partner's website: Wire Payments Quickstart

Wires that require an extra reference field can't be done at the moment. But we are working to improve it and add this functionality to the US Domestic Wires soon.

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