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Before you start

What is a "Transaction PIN"? 

A transaction PIN is a 4-6 digit number that we use to confirm the withdrawals (FIAT -MXN, ARS, BRL, COP, USD- or crypto) you create and the changes you make to your profile. It is established when you create your Bitso account and is similar to the PIN of an ATM.


I forgot my PIN, how do I reset it?

If you forgot your transaction PIN or want to change it for a new one, follow these steps:


Step 1. Go to the "Profile" section of your Bitso account.




Paso 2. Ingresá al menú "Seguridad". Entre las opciones que aparecen hacé click en el botón "Modificar" que encontrarás debajo del encabezado “NIP de transacción”. Ingresá el código SMS que enviamos al celular registrado en tu cuenta,  el correo electrónico, tu fecha de nacimiento y tu país de residencia y seleccioná la opción "Cambiar".


Step 2. Click on the "Security" label in the left sidebar. Among the options that appear, click on the "Modify" button that you will find under the "Transaction PIN" heading. Enter the SMS code that we send to the cell phone registered in your account, your email, your date of birth and your country of residence and click on "Change".






Step 3. Now go to your e-mail inbox (the same as you registered in your Bitso account). You will find an e-mail with a code that you will have to copy. When you have it, go back to your account and paste it under "Confirmation code". Code example: v45XgZ4Ki7824EAQ




Step 4. Generate your new 6-digit PIN (it cannot start with 0 or have consecutive numbers).


Step 5. Click on "Confirm" and save it in a safe place.


If everything went well, you will receive a notification. This means that you were able to change your PIN successfully.

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