How to deposit USD from Bank of America

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If you want to deposit funds to a Bitso account from Bank of America, follow the steps below.


Add a new recipient

1. Have the wire instructions on hand.

First of all, make sure to register the account you want to receive the deposit from. Once you do this, the wire instructions will appear.




Whether you want to receive a deposit from a third party or your US-based account, follow the instructions. Remember all the information contained in the instructions is unique for each registered account and non-transferable.

Have the instructions on hand until the last step; you’ll need them.


2. Sign in to your Bank of America account.


3. Select “Transfers | Zelle” and then, under “Using Someone’s Account Number,” choose “At another bank.”




4. Select “Add Account/Recipient,” then “Domestic (U.S),” and, finally, “A business account, mine or someone else’s, at another bank (only transfers to).”




5. Complete each field with the wire instructions provided when registering the account in Bitso.




Once you’ve completed each field, consider reviewing it to ensure all is correct, and then select “Add Account.”


Wire the funds to the added account

1. Go to “Make Transfer.” 

In “From,” select the bank account you want to send the funds from and “To,” the version you just added. 

After that, in “Delivery speed,” select “Same business day, $30 fee, Wire Transfer…”. Make sure to choose this option and not any other one. Unfortunately, ACH transfers are not currently available.

Enter the amount you want to transfer.

IMPORTANT: Finally, enter the code provided in the wire instructions in the “Description (optional)” field. Bank of America states this is optional, but entering the code is mandatory for receiving the wire. If it’s unfilled, the wire will be rejected, and the bank may charge fees.




After you’ve completed all the fields, select “Continue Transfer.”


2. Review all the information entered. If everything is correct, select “Make Transfer.”




3. You’re done! You’ll receive the funds in your Bitso account in an average of 6 business hours (it may take up to 48 business hours).

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