How to send cryptocurrencies to another wallet from the Bitso app

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Before you start

Log in to your Bitso account with your username and password.

Network confirmations are required for the transaction to be completed. If the network is saturated with too many transactions, it may take several hours to complete them. You can check the number of confirmations required for each cryptocurrency at this link.


Once your transfer has entered the Blockchain network, it is not possible to cancel, reverse or speed up this operation. Bitso does not intervene in the necessary confirmations for the transfer to be carried out successfully.

Before your withdrawal is confirmed, it will appear in pending status. This will change once you reach the required number of confirmations.


Steps to send cryptocurrencies.

You need to have the address to where the funds will be sent. The address is made up of a combination of numbers and letters, like the following example: 31rjKPVpRFo0HyjWeCUztYpTHf4UtiLdBt


Step 1. On the home page, select the “Send” option.


Step 2. Then select the currency you want to send and the network that will be used.


Step 3. Enter the destination address and the amount you want to transfer.


Step 4. Select “Continue”, confirm the transaction details and that’s it!


IMPORTANT: to send XRP to another exchange you need to enter, in addition to the address, the Destination TAG. If sending to a Cold Wallet, the TAG will probably not be necessary, but these addresses must be activated with at least 20 to 25 XRP.


IMPORTANT: only Segwit addresses are supported to send LTC to another exchange and these start with the letter M. If your address is Native Segwit ltc1, withdrawals will not be possible.



Always, ALWAYS check the address you send your cryptocurrency to. At Bitso, we normally check the first 4 digits and the last 4 digits. If you send your coins or tokens to the wrong address, it will not be possible for you, or Bitso, to recover them: they will be lost on the blockchain forever.

We recommend that you have the Hash or Transaction ID so we can review the status of your transfer.

The Hash or Transaction ID is an identification code for cryptocurrency transactions and is made up of a combination of numbers and letters, like the following example: 48fd533ba8d6036b20ca12bd1421b9304eecd00f3aj4aca6cd7fe8a9845ec53d

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