Protect your personal information at all times

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Before providing your personal information, make sure you are contacting us through an official channel. Below you'll find information about Bitso's official channels:



  • Never provide third parties with access passwords to your Bitso account, emails, your PIN, or any confidential information like account numbers or client numbers. Bitso employees will never ask for your PIN or password, nor will they ask you to make payments or bank transfers for any type of service or product.
  • Don't click on suspicious or strange links, and never download dubious files on your mobile devices or computers.
  • Always access financial institution sites from their official pages. Normally, these URLs start with "https://". Type the official site's address directly into your browser; never access sites through search engines. Bitso's official site is
  • Regularly review your account to ensure there are no unusual activities or unrecognized transactions.
  • Activate alert and notification services and pay attention to messages sent via email and your Bitso Wallet (push notifications).
  • Enable two-factor authentication to increase the security level of your transactions on Bitso.
    If your phone or computer is stolen or lost, report it immediately to Bitso to have your account preemptively blocked.
  • Keep your documents in a safe place (originals and copies) and destroy documents with personal and financial information that you no longer need.

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