What are the Maker-Taker fees and how do they work on Bitso?

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Bitso adopts the Maker-Taker fee model, for the purpose of providing greater liquidity to the markets and reducing the spread between the purchase and sale prices. Bitso has two fee, those which are calculated in markets against Bitcoin (BTC) and those which are calculated in markets against Mexican Pesos (MXN).


How do they work?

A trade takes place between two parties, a buyer and a seller: 'makers' are those that provide liquidity to a market placing limited orders in the orderbook. A 'taker' is the person that accepts the offer or order that was initially placed by the maker in the orderbook.



Let us suppose that a person is offering to buy 1 bitcoin for $150,000.00 MXN. If someone puts a bitcoin on sale for $150,000.00 MXN, that person is deemed a “taker”, since he is making an offer to take the available money from such trade. If instead of offering to sell the bitcoin for $150,000.00 MXN, he offers to sell such bitcoin for $150,500.00 MXN, and there are no other offers for that same price, he will then be deemed a “maker”, since he is creating a new offer.


This fee model is aimed at “rewarding” Makers with lower fees for creating the market and providing it with liquidity. The highest fee paid by takers is set-off by the lowest 'spreads' that may be obtained, resulting in better prices to buy or sell for the 'takers'. Furthermore, it also aims to reward the most active users, by reducing both fees (maker-taker) according to their trade volume for the past 30 days.


This way, we seek to reward both parties (makers and takers), and the most active users as well, while at the same time promoting market liquidity, and an increase in trade volumes on Bitso to make a more active and attractive market for the users in general.


In both cases, the fee that you pay is reduced as your trading volume increases within a 30-day range, based on a Maker-Taker model.

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