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How to deposit USD

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Almost all bank accounts in the US can send and receive wires. It is a network widely used by businesses and individuals to make payments. Compared to international wires (SWIFT), domestic wires are faster and cheaper.

Before you receive a deposit, bear in mind:

  • Your account needs to have the correct limit set so you can receive the amount of money that you want. You can check it by going to your “Account limits” in the profile section.
  • Bitso doesn’t charge you any fee for depositing USD to your account.
  • Bank processing time takes an average of 6 business hours (can take up to 48 business hours).
  • You will need to authorize the account from which you want to receive the deposit. Check how to do it: How to authorize a US-based account


5 steps: How to receive a USD deposit in Bitso

1. Select “Deposit”.




2. Select “Domestic wire”.




3. Authorize the account from which you want to receive the deposit. Fill in all the information and select “Authorize”.






4. Select “See instructions”.




5. The wire instructions include the information that the sender account will need to follow to make you a deposit.



  • Authorized account: Name of the account you authorized and want to receive wires from.
  • Transfer method: The type of transfer you need to select in your bank
  • Deposit to (Recipient business name): Bitso provides you with a US-based account to receive the funds and then direct them to your Bitso account. Circle’s group is Bitso’s licensed partner that receives and processes USD deposits. That’s the reason why you will not see your name here as a recipient.
  • Recipient business address: Address of the account Bitso provides you to receive the USD wires.
  • Reference code: Code the sender needs to fill in the “Message” or “Memo” field (the name of this field varies depending on the bank). Even if the sender’s bank form states that this field is optional, for this transaction it is mandatory. If it is unfilled, the wire will be rejected and the bank may charge fees.
  • Routing number/ABA number: 9 digit number that identifies the bank.
  • Account number provided: Number of the account Bitso provides you to receive the USD wires.
  • Account type: How the bank identifies the account
  • Bank location: Where the bank is based
  • Bank name and address: Name and address of the bank Bitso provides you.
  • You can receive this month up to: It’s the amount you can receive this month. If the wire exceeds that amount, make sure to increase your limits
  • Bank processing time: Circle’s group will take up to 48 business hours to process the incoming wire. Normally, it will take around 6 business hours depending on the time of the day when the wire was sent (may take longer on holidays and weekends). 
  • Fee: Bitso does not charge you any fee for receiving a USD wire.

6. Select “Share wire instructions” and enter one or more emails to forward the instructions. You can also copy the instructions by selecting “Copy text” and then send them through email, WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS, or any other platform.



Once the payment is sent, you will receive emails with the detailed status of the wire.


Wire status

  • Processing: The wire transfer is being processed by Circle Internet Financial Ltd.
  • In review: Circle Internet Financial Ltd is reviewing the wire transfer.
  • On hold: The wire transfer is being held by Bitso because the amount received is bigger than your monthly limits.
  • Completed: You received the wire transfer and it was already added to your balance in your Bitso account.

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