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How to create a Bitso Shift account

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Bitso Shift is the brand new solution to send, receive, and convert money in different currencies. Your money can cross all borders with the lowest fees. Find out more


Creating a Bitso Shift account is super easy! Once you are all set, you’ll be able to:


  • Send and receive money (USD and MXN) between the US and Mexico

  • Save USD

  • Convert USD to MXN without fees



If you already have a Bitso account, you can skip this step and just log in.


1. Go to the registration page. You can create an account as an individual (if you are a natural person) or as a business (in case you own or have the rights to open an account on behalf of a company).

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2. Enter your country, email, and create a password.

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3. Accept our terms and conditions.

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4. Validate your information.

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5. You are done!

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You can increase your transaction limits whenever you want by uploading any required documents.


Find out more about Bitso Shift

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