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Conversions with Bitso Shift

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Bitso Shift is the brand new solution to send, receive, and convert money in different currencies. Your money can cross all borders with the lowest fees. Find out more


Bitso Shift allows you to convert your local currency (MXN or BRL) to USD stablecoins. Thanks to this, you can control volatility while getting a transparent rate.


Bitso Shift is regulated by Bitso International in the European Union. This allows you to exchange money and cryptocurrencies.


5 steps: How to convert in Bitso Shift?


  1. Select your local currency (“Convert USD/MXN” or “Convert USD/BRL”), then “Continue”.



  1. Enter an amount you want to sell or receive to get a quote and select “Continue”.



You can switch between USD and your local currency (MXN or BRL). You can know the exact rate you will get without any extra fee. The rate given is executed based on our markets and the amount of money you want to convert.


The quote refreshes automatically after 20 seconds or when you change the amount you want to convert. You decide if you want to accept the order at that price.


The route shows the cryptocurrency used in the conversion. Bitso always tries to give you the best rate to protect your funds and avoid volatility.


  1. After selecting “Continue”, the details of your conversion will be shown. If everything is okay, select “Confirm”.


  1. You are done!



What are the minimum and maximum amounts to convert?

For big amounts (over 5,000 USD, 100,000 MXN, or 25,000 BRL), it is recommended to split your conversion in two or more. By doing this, you will get a better quote because smaller amounts are easier to process.


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