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FAQ: Send USD wire transfers

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What is Circle Internet Financial Ltd?

Circle Internet Financial Ltd is a regulated money transmitter in the US. Bitso has partnered with Circle Internet Financial Ltd to receive, process, and direct USD wires to the beneficiary of the payment.


Why is the recipient Circle Internet Financial Ltd?

Circle Internet Financial Ltd is authorized to receive money on behalf of Bitso and its users internationally. Thanks to this method, you can send wires internationally as if they were domestic, saving time and money.


Do I need to send an international wire or SWIFT?

No. Bitso’s users can receive domestic wires.


Can I use Zelle or ACH?

No, but we're working on offering you more options.


Which type of account receives the funds?

A business account will receive the funds.


How much time takes a wire transfer?

Normally, it will take up to 48 business hours depending on the time of the day when the wire was sent (may take longer on holidays and weekends). Once Circle Financial Ltd processes it, Bitso will take some more time to direct the funds to the receiver’s account.


Is there a limit on the amounts I can send?

Yes. Each Bitso account has monthly limits to receive funds. Contact the user to know how much money you can send them. 


What is the reference code and why is it so important?

It’s the code you must fill in the “Description”, “Memo” or “Message” field that helps Bitso track your payments. Even if your bank form states that this field is optional, for this transaction it is mandatory. If it is unfilled, the wire will be rejected and your bank may charge you fees.


Can I send the wire from a different account?

No, but if you want to send a wire from a different account, ask the Bitso user to authorize it.


Am I going to get notified when the payment completes?

Yes. Bitso will send you emails notifying about each payment status.


What are the different payment statuses?

  • Processing: The wire transfer has already been sent and is being processed by Circle Internet Financial Ltd.
  • In review: Circle Internet Financial Ltd is reviewing the wire transfer.
  • Failed: There was an error while sending the wire transfer.
  • Completed: The Bitso user received the wire transfer.

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