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How do USD wires work in Bitso

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Send and receive money (USD and MXN) between the US and Mexico. Your money can cross all borders with the lowest fees.


How does it work

Bitso allows you to send and receive wire transfers between the US and Mexico, that is, transfers that are regularly international, as if they were local.

Thanks to the integration with Circle’s group, Bitso helps people wire transfers in an innovative, accessible, and fast way. Forget about any traditional banking bureaucracy!

Circle’s group is a regulated money transmitter in the US. Bitso has partnered with Circle’s group to receive, process, and direct USD wires to the beneficiary of the money.


Who can send and receive USD wires

Bitso is for anyone who transacts money between the US and Mexico. Whether you own a company or simply need to send or receive USD, Bitso is the solution by having the lowest fees and the easiest method.


USD stablecoins: what are they and how do they integrate into Bitso

USD stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that are pegged or backed to a well-known reserve asset: the US dollar. USD stablecoins help protect users against the volatility of cryptocurrencies and fluctuation in value. It gives you an alternative currency to save that cannot be controlled by a government or bank.


Supported countries and currencies

For now, Bitso only supports transactions between the US (USD) and Mexico (MXN). But, soon, more countries will be added.


Transaction limits

There are 3 main levels within the platform, each of which have certain requirements to comply with. Before upgrading to the next level, we conduct a “Know Your Customer” process and use it to verify the identity of our customers to prevent: Identity Theft, Financial Fraud, Money Laundering, among others. 

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