Someone contacted me through social media or a messaging app offering investment opportunities in cryptocurrencies, with fixed and high returns in a short period of time. Is it a scam?

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Cryptocurrency scams can occur in various forms, but are generally associated with false promises of fairly significant and fixed returns in a very short time.  

Protect yourself from fraud and scams! 

  • Beware of guarantees and big promises. Scammers often promise that you will make money quickly or that you will get high returns or guaranteed profits. Research before investing!


  • Do an internet search by entering the name of the company and the cryptocurrency and adding words like "review", "scam" or "complaint". If you do the search in Spanish, add words like "comentario", "opiniones", "estafa" or "queja".


  • ¡Anyone who says you have to pay with cryptocurrencies, a bank transfer or a gift card to access the Bitso app, to open an account on our platform or to receive the returns from your purchase and sale of cryptocurrency is trying to scam you. If you pay them, there is usually no way to get your money back.
  • Do not accept requests from people requesting personal information.

  • Do not share screenshots of your account and balance.

  • Do not reply to messages from people posing as Bitso.

  • Do not transfer cryptocurrencies or money to people you don't know.

If in doubt, please contact our team immediately through our official channels:



For more information on fraud, investment scams and pyramid schemes (Ponzi schemes), see these articles on our blog:ómo-detectar-y-evitar-fraudes-2d0b05f28df3


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