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How can I fund my Web3 Wallet?

You can fund it from your own standard custodial wallet (crypto withdrawal fees apply) as you will avoid the chances of sending the funds to the wrong address. Learn here how to do it.

Another option is funding it through any other exchange or crypto wallet by copying and pasting your Bitso Web3 Wallet address located in the home screen (Gas fees apply).

You can also share your own address QR code to receive funds, you can find it as well in your Bitso Web3 Wallet’s home screen, just select the Deposit button from the upper section.

Important: make sure you receive the right tokens from the right network to avoid losing funds. Please make sure you’re using a stable and trusted Internet connection, any error in this process might cause the funds to get lost.


How can I transfer funds from my standard custodial wallet to my Bitso Web3 Wallet?

It’s pretty easy, you just need to:

  • Open your Bitso Web3 Wallet
  • Go to the home screen and select the Deposit button
  • Once in the Deposit screen, select “custodial wallet balance”— this action will enable transferring assets from your standard custodial wallet to the Web3 one.
  • Choose the available currency you want the the funds from.
  • Input the desired amount in the calculator.
  • Confirm your transaction details.
  • And finally you’ll see a Confirmation receipt screen of the request. Usually your Bitso Web3 Wallet balance might take some minutes to be updated as the assets go to the blockchain.

Make sure you add compatible tokens according to the network you’re connected to.


How can I withdraw funds from my Bitso Web3 Wallet?

You can send funds back to your standard custodial or  any exchange or wallet. There are no fees associated with this transaction, only Gas fees apply when broadcasting the transaction to the network.

Important: make sure you’re sending funds to the right network according to the tokens you want to send to avoid losing funds. At the moment, the Bitso Web3 Wallet only supports Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum and Optimism tokens.

To send or withdraw funds from your Bitso Web3 Wallet:

  • Sign in to your  app.
  • Tap the Bitso Web3 Wallet switch in the home screen.
  • Once you’re in the Bitso Web3 Wallet home, select the Send button from the upper section of your screen.
  • Choose the currency you want to send.
  • Input the token amount.
  • Add a recipient address or scan a QR address, remember to make sure the address matches the right network according to the tokens.
  • Confirm the transaction details, please be aware that the Gas fee (if applicable) may vary and change according to the network.
  • You’re all set! Your tokens will be on its way. Please consider this might take some minutes to be completed. You can check your transactions status from the Activity section.


* Bitso Web3 Wallet service powered by Nvio El Salvador. 

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