How do I create a Bitso Web3 Wallet in my app?

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Before getting started, please consider having a local cloud solution account first to store your share of the keys according to your device Operating system (iOS or Android). This way we can store a backup file that will help you in retrieving your keys whenever necessary. 

Start creating your Web3 Wallet here if you’re reading this article on your mobile device or follow the next steps:

  • Sign into your app
  • Tap the Create Web3 Wallet banner that appears in your standard wallet screen above your assets (if you can’t still see the banner; please check if you already have the latest version of the app)
  • Agree to the Terms & Conditions, and the Cookies policy
  • You’ll be prompted to get connected to a Cloud solution to create a backup file and keep your keys safe: if your an iOS user you’ll be asked to get synced to a recovery file, or if you’re an Android user it will be necessary to sign into your Google account
  • Once your files are created and synced, you will be all set to start exploring and interacting with the Web3 world! Remember to review and make sure you make transactions only with trusted applications, like OpenSea or Uniswap.

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