Why can't I make withdrawals?

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Did you try to make a withdrawal from your Bitso account and couldn't? Don't worry. Here are some possible reasons why you might be experiencing difficulties.


Account limits

At Bitso, withdrawal and deposit limits vary depending on your account level. The amount you are allowed to withdraw is determined by this level, which you can check by clicking here.


 Blocked withdrawals 

Check if your withdrawals are blocked and unblock them by clicking here.


Active buy or sell orders

If you have an active buy or sell order, you will not be able to withdraw its reserved balance. To check if this is the reason, go here to find the steps to disable them.


Change of password or account details

If you change your password or any of your account details, withdrawals will be blocked for 24 hours for security reasons. To activate them, chat with us here.


Fee exceeds withdrawal amount

Since the fee for some transactions is variable, it may exceed the amount you want to withdraw. You can check the transaction fee here.


If you are still unable to make the withdrawal, please contact our team via chat available 24/7.


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