What are Fan Tokens?

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Fan Tokens are not about transactions, but about ownership as a utility, giving you access to a global community of fandom, rewards and team influence.

As a Fan Token holder, you'll be able to interact with teams like never before and get access to games and features only in the Partners app. Here are the ways you can interact with the app:


Voting in surveys.

Teams will post official polls to allow Fan Token holders to vote on different fan-related issues. From designing the team bus, designing next season's team jersey, choosing the music in the stadium, changing the name of the training ground and more. Polls will vary from team to team, but the possibilities are endless.


Match score prediction.

Do you think you know the score? Predict the final results of sporting events and get points when you get it right.



This feature allows you to show that you are watching your team in action and score points.


Trivia quizzes.

Test your sports knowledge. Participate in fun trivia games and quizzes for a chance to win rewards and fan experiences.


Token search.

Stretch your legs, get out there and search for FREE tokens from anywhere in the world.


Compete on the leaderboards.

Fight for the top spots on the leaderboards to win prizes and bragging rights. By using certain features of the app and interacting with teams, you will earn points that will help you improve your ranking on the leaderboards.

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