How to navigate through the new home screen in the app?

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Our mission has always been to make your experience in the crypto world smoother, easier, and quicker, and this is why when you log in to the Bitso App from now on, you'll notice a fresh home screen. This updated welcome allows you to discover all the incredible possibilities our app has to offer.

In this article, we'll walk you through the improvements that await you on our brand-new home screen, making your app experience more enjoyable than ever before. Let's dive in!



Profile section, Help Center, and Total Balance

You'll find the Profile section in the top left corner of this new home screen. Right next to it, there is a question mark icon that allows you to easily access the Frequently Asked Questions about Bitso, which provides the context needed in case you doubt something in the app.

Going down on the screen, the Total balance is where you can find how much you have in your Wallet. You can also find the percentage of your profits and losses, which allows you to check the performance of the assets in your Wallet. If you're in a crowded place or showing your app to someone, you can hide your balance by tapping the eye icon.




You'll find a quick way to deposit, buy, sell, and withdraw funds from your Wallet. You can also find a quick way to make QR Payments.



Top movers

Curious about the best asset performance in the market? You can have a quick view of the top movers in this section, which gives you the performance of the asset and its value in the last 24 hours so you can quickly make decisions to build your wealth according to your strategy. If you want more details and check other crypto's performance, tap "Check all assets" and explore the crypto tab.




Want to know more about the possibilities that Bitso offers? This is your section, then! You'll find tips about products, features, and opportunities to make the most out of Bitso.



Progressive roll-out to our community

We are gradually releasing this new look and feel, but soon, everyone will have the chance to experience the new navigation. Make sure your app is updated to try this new home screen!

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