FAQ: Payoneer

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How can I link my account?

It’s super easy! Go to “Deposit”, then select “Payoneer” and follow the steps. If you’re looking for a step-by-step guide, check out this article: How to link my Payoneer account.


Can I link to more than one account?

No, you can only link and receive deposits from one Payoneer account, which needs to be under your own name. 


Which currency can I deposit in Bitso?

For now, it’s only your USD balance. If you don’t have a USD balance in Payoneer, you’ll be able to link your account but not receive deposits until you have a USD balance in Payoneer.


How much does it cost?

The cost of the transaction is 2.9%.


What happens if it fails?

Usually, deposits are successful. However, if a deposit fails, it could be due to an issue while Payoneer is verifying your account or an error in the system, among other reasons. You can always contact us to help you solve it.


What’s the exchange rate that I’ll be able to convert the digital dollars that I’ll receive in Bitso into fiat?

In Bitso, you can convert digital dollars into fiat at the current price in the app. You have the best conversion price, and you can withdraw them to your bank or virtual wallet 24/7.


What are the minimum and maximum amounts to withdraw from Payoneer to Bitso?

The minimum amount to withdraw from Payoneer to Bitso is USD 10 per transaction, and the maximum is USD 6,000 per month.

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