Dynamic CVC

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What is a dynamic CVC?

A dynamic CVC is a temporary verification code for online purchases with your digital Bitso Card. It is a 3-digit security code that changes every 2 minutes to increase the security of your payments, you can get access to it from your app.


How does the dynamic CVC from my digital card work?

When making an online purchase: open your app, go to the Bitso Card section, and touch the See details icon to access the CVC from your card.

Every 2 minutes, the CVC will automatically change to protect your payment details.

You will be able to make purchases as long as it remains active.


Will my online subscriptions work with the digital card's dynamic CVC?

Online subscriptions will not be affected by dynamic CVC.


How much time do I have to complete a purchase with my digital card's dynamic CVC?

You will have 2 minutes before the dynamic CVC expires. You can use your dynamic CVC and make purchases as long as it remains active, plus you'll get a new one right after the old one expires.

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