Why are my withdrawals disabled?

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At Bitso, we strive to keep your funds safe. Since updating your password is a significant change in your account, we need to identify and address any possibility of suspicious activity. This is why your withdrawals have been temporarily disabled for 24 hours after you changed your password. After that period, you will be able to withdraw funds normally.

This measure has safety purposes only, and it's not related to any external market events.

Why are we doing this?

Disabling your withdrawals provides a buffer of 24 hours so your account can be protected.
If there is any suspicious activity in your account, you may not notice until it is too late. Therefore, when your account has its withdrawals disabled for 24 hours, we can investigate if something unusual is going on and take the necessary steps to protect it.


I need to withdraw funds before the 24-hour period is over, what can I do?

If you can't wait until the 24-hour period is over to withdraw funds, please contact our Customer Support team.

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