What is Bitso's solvency report? How should I interpret it?

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Bitso's solvency report is a proof of solvency generated with assistance of the ZeKnow Solv software, provided by our partner, Proven. This proof, then, is disclosed publicly in the Ethereum Blockchain to make it available for third party auditors to verify and validate it. This audit, though, can be made by anyone applying the zk-SNARK protocol, which means you can verify it by yourself too. 

Learn what is a zk-SNARK here: What is zk-SNARK?

Since a one-time proof isn't enough to guarantee solvency, this report will be issued on a monthly basis at the beginning, but we're planning to release it daily in the near future (to be announced). Each report contains the following information:



The day when the snapshot was taken and the report issued.


The exact time when the snapshot was taken with our proof of liabilities and of reserves.


The amount you had for BTC and ETH in your account by the time of the snapshot.

Solvency status

The validation made by the third party auditor confirming that our zk-proof is true. 

Solvency Receipt

An actual receipt with complementary information that confirms the solvency status presented in the report.

To learn how to interpret the information in the receipt, visit: How should I interpret the information shown in the solvency receipt?

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