What are the levels of my Bitso business account?

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Every transaction is of great value to us at Bitso, so we are committed to providing a service that meets the highest safety and quality standards.

The business account withdrawal and deposit limits vary according to the account level, and for each of the two levels on our platform, it is necessary to send some documents.

The required documentation is part of the "Know Your Customer - KYC" process, which we have adopted to ensure transparency and security on our platform. With this, we can verify our customers' identity, thus preventing identity theft, fraud, and money laundering, among other malicious actions.


Learn more about the documentation needed for each level.


The monthly limits for business accounts are:

Level 1

Applicable monthly limit: 100K USD in deposits and 200K USD in withdrawals.

Level 2

Applicable monthly limit: 250K USD in deposits and 5M USD in withdrawals.


To increase the level of your business account, contact the Bitso support team. They will help you follow up on your request.

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