How do I create a business account in Bitso?

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Bitso is a platform that allows you to buy, sell, send, receive and hold cryptocurrencies. To know more about us, you can read our Terms and Conditions.

Remember that at Bitso, we will never request any payment for account opening or maintenance, nor minimum investment or programs related to performance percentages.

You can operate with business accounts from or

What do you need to open a business account?

Steps to create a business account

Step 1

Go to:


Step 2

Fill in the requested fields with real and complete information to avoid any inconvenience.

Do not forget to read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Notice before continuing with the registration process. Check the corresponding boxes and select "Confirm."




Step 3

We will send you an email along with a code that you must insert to verify your data.

If you do not receive the verification codes, you can always select the option to send them again. Always remember to check your spam folder.

If required, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.



Step 4

Now it is time to enter additional information to verify your account. The first step will be to enter the basic information about your company.




Step 5

Enter a mobile number that you or another member of the company can access. We will send an SMS with a verification code that we will ask you to enter to continue.

Note: The mobile number you provide us will be used to recover your password and two-step authentication. That is why it must be a number that you have easy access to.




Step 6

Enter the verification code you received on the phone number you entered in the previous step.

If you don't receive the verification code, you can always select the option to send it again, check your spam box or blocked numbers, or contact us for personal assistance.




Step 7

Enter your company's billing address




Step 8

Enter the information of the legal representative of the company.



Step 9

Enter the address of the legal representative of the company.



Step 10

It is time to enter the information of the beneficial owners. The beneficial owners are individuals who own a percentage of the company; you must also provide the information of at least one executive director.


Select “Add beneficial owners and director” to start adding the individuals.



Step 11

Fill in the information related to the nationality and position within the company of the beneficial owner or director.



Step 12

Complete the information related to the beneficial owner or director.



Step 13

Once the information is complete, you will see the list of beneficial owners and directors you have added.

After completing the list, click on the "Continue" button.



Step 14

The next step will be to upload the required documentation to complete the verification of your business account. Check the required documents to create a business account.




Step 15

This completes the registration process, and our team will activate your business account once the documentation is reviewed and validated.

Document validation may take up to two business days.





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