How can I make deposits and withdrawals from my Bitso business account?

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Making deposits and withdrawals using your business account is super easy! Find out how depending on the currency you want to operate with.


Mexican pesos (MXN)

To fund your account with MXN, you can use SPEI or Bitso Transfers.

Withdrawals in MXN can be made using SPEI or Bitso Transfers. Withdrawals in cash from Bitso accounts are not allowed.


US dollars (USD)

Funding your account with USD can be made via deposits in Stablecoins or using Bitso Transfers.



You can fund your account with any crypto supported in Bitso to the wallet address of the type of crypto you want to deposit.



You can use all the interfaces we have in Bitso to buy, hold, and sell crypto using Bitso Alpha.

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