What can I do with a business account?

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Take a step into the future and evolve your company with crypto! Here’s all you can do with a Bitso Business account:

  • Have balances in Digital Dollars and MXN, as well as cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, XRP, among others), and operate with all of them.
  • Receive payments from clients or send payments to providers.
  • Automate the deposit and withdrawal of funds, as well as trading operations,  with the help of our set of APIs. 
  • Enjoy special limits for deposits and withdrawals that can be adjusted to your operational needs (case by case).
  • Generate weekly yields from your balance in Digital Dollars with Bitso+.
  • No account opening fees, minimum balance requirements, or fixed costs such as monthly payments for account management. 

What’s the difference between an individual and a business account?

A business account is for you if you own a small, medium, or large company and are looking for the best option to manage your funds and make payments. With a business account, you can access higher limits on deposits and withdrawals. Moreover, you can make payments to your providers, any third party, or between your accounts.


Learn more about business account levels and limits.


Visit the Help Center to find more info about our features.

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