What is Collateral Ratio? Why does a 100%+ ratio matter?

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Collateral Ratio is the division of the sum of all assets by the sum of all liabilities, where:

  • Assets refer to the amount of crypto held in all the wallets Bitso owns keys to.
  • Liabilities refer to the total sum of Bitso's customer balances.

For any exchange to be solvent, assets must be greater than liabilities, that is, greater or equal to 100%.


Why does it matter?

If a custodian has a ratio smaller than 100%, they hold fewer assets than required to provide liquidity to all customers. So, if all customers want to withdraw 100% of their funds at once, they wouldn't be able to do so.

Having a ratio equal to or greater than 100% indicates that a custodian is solvent and that your funds can be retrieved at any given time – without trouble.


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