How can I verify Bitso's Solvency?

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To show solvency, it needs to provide both liabilities and assets (reserves) to then establish that the total value of reserves is equal to or greater than the total liabilities for a given asset.

Bitso is providing its Merkle Tree as a means for you to validate our liabilities and the collateral ratio for each asset we hold – without exposing your data or violating your privacy. You can use the Merkle Tree to securely verify that your balance was properly included in Bitso's liabilities here:

We’re aware that the Merkle Tree alone isn't enough, that's why we're working on several strategies to provide further transparency. Here is what you can expect next from us:

  • A Third-Party audit.
  • An industry working group.
  • The implementation of Zero Knowledge (ZK) Proof.
  • Continuing to work with regulators to create a framework that protects customers above all.

In case you want to learn more about these actions, we've prepared a blog post detailing how they should look like:

And you can stay tuned to our official channels so we can keep you posted on when those strategies will take place.

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